OKBET Update – Do POGO Licenses Still Exist?


Because of the correlation between the POGO program and criminal activity, there is some demand for new legislation that would prohibit the issuance of any more POGO licenses. On the other hand, the majority of senators are in agreement that they need to investigate the effect that POGO licenses and internet gambling have on society.

The Majority Leader of the Philippine Senate, Joel Villanueva, has proposed a bill called the Anti-online gambling act, which would make it illegal to participate in online gambling and make those who do so subject to criminal prosecution. Fortunately for the people of the Philippines, this proposal is unlikely to become law.

Senator Villanueva is of the opinion that people’ participation in internet gambling leads to laziness and that making the practice illegal will prevent addiction and save lives. In addition, the law proposes punishments of up to six months in prison in addition to penalties of up to 50,000 Philippine Pesos.

Are POGO licenses still available from PAGCOR?

PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, is still in the practice of issuing POGO licenses, which allow local casinos and sportsbooks to provide their services through the internet. However, a POGO license enables the licensee to deliver their services online to nations outside than the Philippines. This does not include the Philippines. POGO licenses have likewise become more costly since their first release, and there are currently just a small number of active license holders.

PAGCOR permitted POGO license holders to sell their service to Philippine citizens before the COVID-19 pandemic, but that permission has now been removed. The epidemic was caused by the COVID-19 virus. There is still the possibility that people of the Philippines may be permitted to gamble online at offshore casinos and sportsbooks.


It is against the law for anybody living in the Philippines to gamble online at casinos or sportsbooks located outside of the nation, according to the Philippine gambling legislation. The Anti-Online Gambling Act that is now being considered does not appear to target offshore casinos; however, this does not mean that a subsequent measure cannot make the practice illegal.

It is quite improbable that the Philippine National Police or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation could enforce a complete ban on internet gambling. However, in the event that the bill is passed, you should check your local legislation before joining up for any online gambling sites.

Will the new administration alter the laws governing online gambling?

Many theories exist on how the new government under BongBong Marcos would handle gambling and legalized online casino gaming. There is no sign that they want to overhaul the gaming industry, but we will keep you updated if anything changes.

For the time being, citizens in the Philippines may gamble online at reputable casinos that are both domestic and offshore such as OKBET.

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