OKBET Update – Arrests for online gaming unrelated to POGOs: Pagcor


The Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), the country’s gaming regulator, issued a statement on Wednesday saying that recent arrests of Chinese nationals and other foreign nationals in the Philippines that had been involved in illegal online gaming “are not in any way related to legitimate” Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).

“that any individual, organization or business” that conducts online gaming without its authorisation “shall not be classed as POGO,” according to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor), which is operated by the state.

Alejandro Tengco, chairman and chief executive officer of Pagcor, was quoted in the statement as adding that the activities of POGO are “strictly overseen” by the regulator. “Any gaming entity that fails to pass the application process for an offshore gaming license and to fulfill the documentary and financial requirements, among other requirements, among other requirements, cannot be labeled as legal offshore gaming operators or POGO,” he added. “This includes but is not limited to:

Up until the introduction of Covid-19 in the early 2020, the online gaming industry in the Philippines had had a meteoric rise in growth.

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The national authorities claim that they have lately increased their efforts to prevent people in the country from participating in unlawful internet gambling operations. An official working for the country’s Department of Justice revealed this week that the crackdown was “initiated by reports of murder, abduction, and other crimes.” The statement was made public this week.

Mr. Tengco of Pagcor(POGO) Stated that

his organization was working closely with a variety of government authorities “to successfully detect any illicit offshore gaming activities in the country and to counter abduction and human trafficking situations.”

As of the statement released on Wednesday, there are presently 34 POGOs that have been given approval, and 127 service providers who have been authorized after passing probity tests.

According to a report that was made public by an official news outlet earlier this week, the licenses of hundreds of POGOs had been revoked by the regulator as of the middle of September. According to the article, the POGOs that were about to be shut down had licenses that were either about to expire or had already been cancelled for various infractions, including the failure to pay government fees.

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